March 19th, 2020
5:00 PM GMT
Duration: 40 min
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Many modern companies embrace outstaffing. Thanks to this HR service the business can hire qualified employees from different cities and even countries lowering the staffing costs by 30% on average.
In the course of the webinar we'll discuss the outstaffing definition, the pros and cons of this service, the opportunities for remote employees, and most important, we will share our best practices of organizing the employee work in outstaffing by increasing the operations efficiency and lowering the staff costs.
If you don't use outstaffing yet, but you want to cut the staffing costs, you are welcome to our webinar.
Why would you want that?
Registration for the webinar is mandatory, as the number of seats is limited!
Part 1.
What is outstaffing?
● A definition of outstaffing
● Outstaffing by remote employees, is it possible?
● Pros and cons.
Part 2.
Our experience in outstaffing
by remote employees

● Our practices of organizing the remote work
● Why outstaffing and remote employees are easy to organize
Alexandra Anton
HR Director
An expert in outstaffing, remote employee management, and practices of performance & productivity improvement for any employee.
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